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Reaching beyond all other ablative therapies

The 1st and only translumenal delivery of ultracold cryoablation.

Phase Therapeutics custom x-ray or MRI graphic of target therapy site, the upper body.


The 1st and only translumenal delivery of ultracold cryoablation designed to evolve ablation from a secondary procedure to a primary modality.



  • For the 1st time, cryoablation delivery through a bronchoscope

  • Same platform can be leveraged for cryobiopsy



  • Same translumenal platform as lung

  • For the 1st time, cryoablation delivered via endoscopic ultrasound

  • Benefits vs heat with greater precision and real-time visualization



  • Cryogenerator applicable to all percutaneous ablation

  • Colder, faster, and more precise than any other cryoablation

  • Indication & market runway:  Breast, Liver, Kidney, Prostate


How are we going to stop tumor progression in a single outpatient procedure?

  • Novel:  Mixed-phase cryogen, fastest & coldest cryoablation

  • Translumenal:  The ONLY flexible endoscopic cryoablation option

  • Familiar:  Same procedure & methods as diagnostic approaches

  • Precise:  Only real-time ablation visualization

  • Safe:  Minimizes collateral damage and side effects

  • Immunogenic:  Generates antigens, provokes immune response

  • Synergistic:  Combine with chemo, immunotherapy & radiation 

*Does not preclude pre/post-treatment with other standard care modalities.

Nurse embracing a post-op patient in wheelchair recovery.

We believe there's a better way

Phase Therapeutics is a medtech startup focused on the commercialization of a novel ultracold cryoablation designed to stop tumor progression for inoperable cancer patients in a single procedure. 

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